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ArriveHome Update #4

Where have we been?
Our soft launch in Denver, Colorado is going great! We’ve had countless requests from agents to join on our Real Estate search platform and are looking forward to getting many of you on shortly. At this time, we are currently accepting agents to be waitlisted as we will begin opening the platform in less than a month to new agents in the greater Denver Metro Area.

In addition to countless new features and improvements coming to the platform, we will be launching an updates website as well. It will also feature an agent sign up page, description of the benefits of becoming a “live” and active agent, and an agent portal.

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What great new features can we expect? 
During our initial launch, we found that the platform not only provided successful connections between organic & new home searchers, but many of the on boarded agents found it to be a fantastic and helpful CRM platform to stay in the flow with current clients and prospective ones. No other home search application allows agents to be present quite like ArriveHome and has provided a unique relationship between agent and client like never before. So, we’ve beefed up some of our agent to client connection logic to make a relationship more seamless.

In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to us at if you are interested in more information. For the extremely inquisitive ones, we might be able to offer a little more information.

The ArriveHome Team

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