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ArriveHome weekly update #3

ArriveHome completes first integration of Real Estate Data!

On our everyday quest to continue to hit a launch date in Q2, we are finally almost through some of the biggest integration challenges. Unlike other real estate apps or application in the market, we will offer more than just listings for buyer, sellers, agents, and brokers. The Arrivehome application will operate as a service, which is also a significant departure from most of the advertising driven real estate application. The goal is provide a higher level of self service that has yet to be seen in the market.

Real Estate agents will be able to connect with buyers and sellers like never before. Check back next week for a BIG UPDATE and a larger reveal.

ArriveHome or Arrive Home shows live real estate agents for easy connection between buyers seller and agents

Initial render of our map and home showing system

Industry News & Related to Arrive Home

Chatbots for Real Estate Buying and Lead Generation
Chatbots and other automation technologies are really starting to heat up the real estate industry for a dynamic change. Per Inman news publication, chatbots are one of many new tools agents have at their disposal, however, they point out the lack of value for the consumer. Chatbots are tools that assist agents in both being an entry point for a potential customer to engage with, and a value assessment tool. The author questions the value proposition for consumers in that bots do relatively the same thing that a Zillow or other home search publications can do and really act as more as solely a lead generator for agents. The value to the consumer is potential non existent as it may do nothing more than slow down the consumer and buy the agent more time to figure out how to connect. In order for chatbots to be truly successful, there must be both perceived and true value for potential buyers that is not readily visible today.

You can check Structurely for more information about chatbots.

Chatbots seem like an intriguing tool for real estate leads and definitely can see some value in them. ArriveHome definitely taps the market that chatbots are trying to help solve, “connecting with a real estate agent”. We took a different approach to this goal by using technology to help, but while still keeping the human element. Home buying is typically the largest transaction one can make in their lifetime, and we feel it requires thought and detail that technology can’t yet fully provide on its own.

The Arrive Home Team

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