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ArriveHome weekly update #2

ArriveHome development team continues to get ready for a launch!

The launch window is starting to take shape, and we are officially looking to a 2017 Q2 launch in select markets. In order to get ready for launch, our programmers, developers, and designers are working together to continue to build out the platform. During the development process, we are constantly adjusting features and integrating new ones in order to solve what feel is one of the biggest issues in real estate buying and selling. Connecting buyers with agents, fast.

That’s about all we can delve into at this point as far as what the app will do. As we get closer to launch, we will continue to give up a little more information about the application. Can’t give up our secret sauce just quite yet! The industry never sleeps though, and things are starting to move quickly in real estate! Here are a couple tidbits of what we are reading about.

ArriveHome sample of the real estate application for Buyers and Sellers

Arrive Home using our all new agent search and home finder


Industry News & Related to Arrive Home

Airbnb posts has first profitable quarter
Crazy to think that Airbnb has yet to make a profit. The sure size of Airbnb now, and the viral ability of the service has completely changed the landscape and impacted both rentals and hotels in many different ways. However, this recently just changed, and according to Bloomberg news, the private company made its first profit in the second half of 2016 and expected to continue this trend all the way through 2016 and into 2017. Since Airbnb is a private company, the information is only source based and therefore cannot be officially confirmed.

Although this does not have direct effect on the ArriveHome application, it’s a testament to the ever growing need and desire of the people to move away from traditional methods of renting and acquiring a property. Arrive Home looks to capitalize on this trend of instant access and service.

The Big Housing Buyers – A New Trend with $1B
Man, I haven’t seen the housing market fundamentally start to change more than I have seen in the last few years. From the tectonic shift from home buyers to home renters to the “unicorns” everyone talks influencing the space with a technology push. Home buyers, sellers, agents, brokers, and investors are seeing pockets of complete change (and lets not forget about the push of the virtual brokerages). But, let’s gets started talking about the prominent players in the home flipping & investing space…
I was reading an article from Inman and according to the article, theres a huge rush on data scientists and their algorithms that figure out housing prices. Long story short, Housing is trying to get scientific rather than estimated and based solely on a comp. gut feeling.  Why? Because of the companies/funds that have come into purchase your home, and flip it for a couple points. Opendoor, Knock, and Offerpad have raised $1B in funding to do just this. The goal of these companies are to come in and offer a simple, quick, and scientific way of purchasing your home. There will now doubt be a significant presence for these “buyers” and “sellers”, but how big will it be???
One of the more interesting approaches or “pockets” of change occurring in the industry. Much like ArriveHome, these funds look to simplify and speed up the home selling process. Although we see the tremendous value these ideas present to sellers, we also see another opportunity to help accomplish speeding up the home buying and selling process. We call it the Arrive Home process. 🙂

The Arrive Home Team

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